How it Works  


Step 1

Gently tie the two towel straps together around your neck as shown, with the terry cloth side facing outwards.







Step 2

Proceed to bathe her in the usual manner while wearing the Babywrapper.
When you are finished, simply pick her up with your two free hands and place her on your chest.



Step 3

While holding her on your chest with one hand, use your other free hand to bring the bottom part of the Babywrapper up over her and dry her off.

When you're done simply hang the Babywrapper to dry by the tied straps on a towel hook.
 It's that simple!
  • No need to worry about holding the towel under your chin and having it fall as you get ready to pick up your baby.
  • Now only the baby gets a bath.
  • No more wishing for an extra pair of hands during bath time.

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