About Us

My Name is Dina and I am a first time mom. From day one bath time has always been challenging in our household . Our bathroom has a small countertop, just enough for the bath tub itself. When I bathed my daughter I always had to have someone else there to help me so that I had an extra pair of hands to hold her with while I dried her off. By 4 months of age my daughter loved her bath play time. She would kick up a storm and I would end up soaking wet. I was always frustrated after her bath and I wanted a product that would address all of my problems and concerns so I could enjoy her bath time as much as she did. That is when I designed the Babywrapper. What I like best about the Babywrapper is that I don't have to hold any towels in my hands or under my chin and the limited counter top space is no longer an issue. The Babywrapper is thin enough that I can feel my baby, unlike traditional bath towels that always seemed to be too bulky for someone so little. Yet at the same time it is thick enough to provide all the warmth and comfort that your baby needs. Now I don't have to rely on anyone to help me. I use the Babywrapper to cover myself so I don't get wet when I take her out of the tub. I have two free hands to pick her up, hold her, and dry her off with. Babywappers might not be for every parent out there, since everyone has their own technique and style when it comes to bathing their child. But if you've ever encountered the same challenges as I have, I guarantee you will be pleased with this product.